New John Deere ISG Products and Software Updates

posted on Friday, August 31, 2018 in Blog

New Integrated and Universal Displays

4240 Universal Display & 4200 CommandCenter™ Display

These two new displays offer several subscription and activation options to best fit your precision ag needs.

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4240 Universal Display

4240 Universal Display

  • 8.4-inch touchscreen provides easy-to-use experience
  • High-contrast screen allows you to see your display in bright sunlight, even on open station tractors
  • Basic documentation and AutoTrac 

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4200 CommandCenter™ Display

4200 CommandCenter Display

  • Available factory-installed on 6R, 7-210R and 7-230R Tractors
  • Comes with documentation in base price
  • Permanent, non-transferable AutoTrac activation optional
  • Remote Display Access (RDA)

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New Universal Steering Option

John Deere AutoTrac™ Universal 300

This new precision ag solution puts automated guidance to work for a wide range of John Deere or other brands of machines… making field work quicker, easier, and more comfortable.

Updated Software

ISG 18-2 Software Update

Improvements in the 18-2 software update, with flags, side-by-side maps, and the ability to enable competitive tractors to operate SeedStar™ Planters.

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