Model Year 2021 Planter Early Order Program

posted on Monday, June 8, 2020 in Blog

MY21 Planter EOP

Save 8%¹ on New John Deere Planters and Planter Performance Upgrades

Drawn Planters

Drawn Planters

Versatile. Scalable.

Cover more acres with flexibility and productivity, even in no-till situations.

Integral/mounted planters

Integral Planters

Compact. Economical. 

Mounted planters offer an affordable option for planting in conventional and reduced-till conditions.

DB Planters

DB Planters

Large acres. All-purpose. 

Finish the job faster with these acre-hungry drawn planters.

DR Planters

DR Planters

Customizable. Stack-Fold Technology. 

Name your configuration. The DR Series mounted planters specialize in flexibility.

Planter Performance Upgrades


Getting all your acres planted in the optimum planting window is a challenge. In years past, the only way to increase planting productivity was to increase planter width; with ExactEmerge, that no longer is the case.

  • BrushBelt™ technology allows for infinite plant spacing and positively controls each seed to the seed trench.
  • The BrushBelt system eliminates seed bounce and roll in the seed trench by matching planting speed.
  • Two independent electric motors per row on the seed bowl and BrushBelt facilitate perfect seed spacing.
  • Electrically controlling each row-unit enables individual row turn compensation and individual row shutoff.
  • Approved crops include corn, soybeans, cotton/popcorn, sugar beet, sweet corn, sunflower, and sorghum.


Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce (IRHD)

IRHD is the latest generation of planter row-unit downforce for John Deere planters. IRHD offers a greater range of weights and faster response rates than any past system.


  • IRHD can adjust five times per second and make adjustments of 45.4 kg (100 lb) in less than one second.
  • The system has a total range of applied downforce from 22.7 kg (50 lb) to 204.1 kg (450 lb).
  • IRHD is 58 percent faster than the active pneumatic downforce solution.
  • IRHD is integrated into a GreenStar™ display through either SeedStar™ 3 HP or SeedStar™ 4HP.
  • IRHD is a closed-loop system with an integrated accumulator, eliminating shock to the row-unit.

Fast reaction and increased ground contact from IRHD can lead to improved emergence. With uniform emergence, some agronomic studies have shown a yield impact from 5 to 9 percent.

MaxEmerge™ 5e

By going electric, your planter will have greater capabilities. 

  • Electric meter drives enable turn compensation that can increase rate accuracy by 20 percent.
  • Vibration from drive chains and cables are eliminated, increasing singulation accuracy.
  • Individual row shutoffs eliminate the need to group rows into sections.
  • MaxEmerge 5e has the capability to plant the greatest number of crops compared to ExactEmerge™ system.
  • Mobile row-unit runoff allows you to dial in row-unit performance before ever going to the field.
  • Individual row controllers enable utilization of Easy Adjust row cleaners and pneumatic closing wheels.

maxemerge 5e

MaxEmerge 5e is about simplicity: remove the complexity of chains and cables to deliver the desired planting outcome in a new way.  MaxEmerge 5e enables vacuum automation as part of the SeedStar™ 4HP system.

Model year 2021 Planter enhancements and updates

Radial tires on 1775NT 12-Row and 16-Row Planters as well as 1795 center wing

Firestone® radial tires will be added in base on the 1775NT 12-row and 16-row configurations, as well as on the 1795 center section. These tires allow for higher carrying capacity. There will be no reduction in ground pressure.

Very high flexion (VF) tires on DB Planters

DB Planters will include Alliance VF steel belted tires. These tires have a higher weight capacity, lower air pressure, and self-cleaning treads. VF tires will be in base for all DB models except for DB44.

Connectivity package available on DR electric-drive planters

The connectivity package with JDLink™ Modular Telematics Gateway, mobile applications, mobile row-unit runoff, and Connect Mobile wireless data server will be available for factory installation on DR electric-drive planters and custom planters.

Soybean singulation disk for MaxEmerge 5 and MaxEmerge 5e

A 64-hole soybean flat disk has been designed to improve spacing performance. The intent is for the disk to be used on 38.1-cm to 50.8-cm (15-in. to 20-in.) row spacing.

MaxEmerge 5e offering on DR models

For model year 2021, MaxEmerge 5e will be available on all DR models with a 56.4-L or 105.7-L (1.6-bu or 3.0-bu) hopper.

Expansion of performance upgrade kits

The performance upgrade kits listed below will be available on the following models: 1700, 1705, 1720/25, 1725CCS, 1730/35, 1760/65, 1770/75, 1780/85, 1790/95, and select DB planters.

  • ExactEmerge™
  • MaxEmerge 5e
  • Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce (IRHD)
  • Easy-adjust row cleaners
  • Pneumatic closing wheels
  • Active pneumatic downforce
  • Service ADVISOR™ Remote
  • Connect Mobile
  • Mobile row-unit runoff

1745 Narrow-Transport Planter

This new model is perfect for smaller fields, plus it folds quickly to a compact transport width making it ideal for farmers who must transport over narrow roads. You can keep the planter simple or add liquid and dry fertilizer options, or more. It even works with older tractors.

ExactRate™ Liquid Fertilizer System

This factory-installed system lets you apply liquid fertilizer in-furrow or off-set while planting, plus it matches the capabilities of our high-performance ExactEmerge™ and MaxEmerge™ 5e Planters — including operating at 10 mph and automatically adjusting rates when planting on curves.

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¹Available only on new equipment and only at participating United States dealers. Offer of 8% discount is available on the purchase of any new John Deere Planter, Unassociated Row Unit, Custom Completing Package, and EE, ME5E, IRHD Performance Upgrade Kit for orders placed between June 2, 2020 through July 14, 2020. The offer discounts are applied to the total before shipping/delivery charges and consistent with applicable sales tax requirements.

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