Introducing Model Year 2020 R4060

posted on Monday, June 17, 2019 in Blog

Cover more acres between fills with the 1,600-gallon solution tank on the new John Deere R4060 Self-Propelled Sprayer. Plus, the 132-foot carbon fiber boom option helps you cover even more ground.

Model Year 2020 R4060

New and Updated Features

  • CommandView™ III cab
  • Optional 120-ft boom with swing-link suspension
  • Dual strut suspension
  • Solution Command System (SCS)
  • Load Command™ system
  • ExactApply™ system
  • John Deere Connect Mobile hardware

2020 John Deere R4060

CommandView™ III Cab

commandview cabSprayer controls are more easily accessible on the redesigned CommandARM™ control panel.

Better manage your headlands with the Headland Management System (HMS™) button.

Enjoy enhanced comfort with the ComfortCommand™ seat, which offers fore-aft adjustment and 15 degrees of right-hand seat swivel on all cab options.

The 4 Series Sprayers are JDLink™ telematics system capable, which enable the following features: John Deere Wireless Data Transfer (WDT), Service ADVISOR™ Remote diagnostics, and Remote Display Access (RDA).

Optional 120-foot Boom with Swing Link Suspension

Swing link suspension helps translate rough areas in the field into horizontal movement of the boom rather than lateral movement. Additional stability means increased productivity as the boom now has the ability to more accurately maintain spray height above the crop. The enhanced design also allows the boom to unfold and fold faster, allowing you to get into the field more quickly.

Dual Strut Suspension

Dual strut suspensionMachine performance and operator comfort are requirements during long days of operation. The field-proven dual strut independent wheel air-ride suspension reduces overall machine maintenance. This suspension also provides a best-in-class ride, even in the roughest fields.

Solution Command System

Solution Command offer push button loadingThe Solution Command System (SCS) allows for automation at the fill station and is available on all 4 Series Sprayers. Redesigned for operators of all skill levels, this optional system includes the following features: 

  • Fill station light on/off
  • Pump on/off
  • Agitation
  • Pump speed increase
  • Pump speed decrease
  • Eductor on/off
  • Master on/off
  • Automated rinse cycle
  • Visual nozzle check
  • Pull-on fill
  • Push-on fill
  • Target fill

Load Command™ System

Load Command allows the operator to pull the sprayer up to the tender unit, couple the Load Command tender arm to the Load Command coupler on the sprayer, and receive a full 1200-gal. load in as fast as 3 minutes.

Quick loading with the Load Command system

Model Tank size Load time
R4045 1200 gal. 3 min.
R4060 1600 gal. 4 min.

Load Command dramatically reduces the fill time and the amount of operator interface time. When the system completes loading, the couplers automatically disengage from each other. This allows the operator to remain in the cab with the ability to quickly return to spraying.

ExactApply™ system

Increase productivity up to 20 acres per hour* through wider spray speeds and rate ranges. Better manage drift and improve spray quality and precise application.

The ExactApply system produces a consistent droplet size through:

  • 15/30-hz pulse width modulation that maintains spray pressure throughout a wider speed and rate range
  • Automatic nozzle switching between two nozzles that maintains the desired spray pressure range while conventional spraying

Conventional spraying technology applies the same rate throughout the width of the boom while turning, causing under application on the outside of the boom and over application on the inside of the boom.
Control gallons per acre throughout turns
ExactApply varies the rate across the boom, ensuring the desired application rate. The rate decreases on the inside of the turn to not subject crop to chemical burn, while the rate on the outside of boom increases, ensuring the crop receives the desired application rate.

John Deere Connect Mobile

John Deere Connect Mobile is a solution that utilizes an Apple® iPad® tablet in the cab that provides the operator a better understanding of the sprayer’s performance. Connect Mobile documents and displays several sprayer performance attributes, helping you monitor and more easily detect problems that can occur while spraying. Once the job is done, the iPad with the spraying data can be utilized to perform basic crop scouting activities in the field.

Monitor key performance indicators in map layers and dashboard tiles such as:

  • Actual rate
  • Rate deviation
  • Pressure
  • Ground speed
  • Droplet size
  • Target rate
  • Flow rate
  • Tank volume
  • Productivity
  • Fuel rate

Connect Mobile hardware is factory installed on all model year 2017 and newer R4030, R4038, and R4045 Sprayers, making it easy to get started with Connect Mobile.

R4045 & R4060 Sprayer Walk-around

A new all-wheel-drive system will help you maintain a more-consistent speed through challenging soil conditions and hilly terrain. We’re also adding a new model with a larger solution tank to help you cover more acres between refills.

ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System 

With individual nozzle control, you can control your application down to 15 or 20 inches spacing. Vary the rate across the entire boom to greatly reduce input costs and possible crop damage while assuring the right spray rate even as you make a turn.

*NOTE: Assumes a 3.2-km/h (2-mph) average operating speed increase.