Growing Together | Rincker Farms

posted on Sunday, October 22, 2017 in Blog

Tradition is defined as the transmission of customs or beliefs from one generation to another.

For Rory Rincker and his family, the tradition is farming.

"Growing up that's all I wanted to do, from farming the carpet to wanting to be out there in the tractors."

Today, Rincker operates the family farm with his father and brother.

Sharing his passion for agriculture, his children are likely to continue the family tradition. "I've got two boys and a daughter and my 12-year-old is out running the auger wagon and he knows that as soon as school is out, baseball is over - get out in the auger wagon." 

According to Rincker, his youngest son is eager to get behind the wheel of a tractor. "My other son, he's ten. Not quite big enough to run the tractor yet, but he asks me everyday, 'Dad, can I run a tractor?'"

Rincker was first introduced to the Alliance Tractor John Deere dealership years ago, before the merger. "It was known as Schillings then and Dwight Schilling used to deal with my father back in the day and it's just progressed from there." 

Recalling one of his father's earliest purchases with the dealership, he said, "First thing my Dad ever bought off of Alliance was a John Deere 7720 Titan II."

Now in a position to make his own farm equipment purchases, Rincker recognizes the value of a dedicated salesperson. "I work a lot with Bryan Metzger in sales. He does a phenomenal job for me." 

Rincker also mentioned the importance of communication between the various departments within the dealership. "It has a lot of value to it. And when those guys respond quickly to my needs, it's big."