ExactEmerge™ Performance Upgrade Kits

posted on Monday, June 15, 2020 in Blog

Performance Upgrade Kits

Not in the market for a new planter? A performance upgrade may make the most sense for your operation. John Deere's performance upgrade kits can turn your current planter into a like-new tool and give you greater productivity without forcing you to upgrade to a new planter.

If you’re looking for improved accuracy and speed, look to the ExactEmerge™ performance upgrade kit with the industry-exclusive BrushBelt delivery system, high-performance vacuum meter, redesigned double eliminator, dual electric motors, and more!

ExactEmerge™ takes accuracy and productivity to new levels

Speed up but maintain control with an ExactEmerge performance upgrade kit from John Deere. This breakthrough solution empowers you to plant accurately at speeds up to 10 mph—without compromising singulation, population, spacing or uniform depth. That means greater yield potential come harvest season by simply upgrading your current planter.

Beyond the exceptional Brush Belt delivery system, the ExactEmerge performance upgrade kit features:

  • BrushBelt™ technology allows for infinite plant spacing and positively controls each seed to the seed trench.
  • The BrushBelt system eliminates seed bounce and roll in the seed trench by matching planting speed.
  • Two independent electric motors per row on the seed bowl and BrushBelt facilitate perfect seed spacing.
  • Electrically controlling each row-unit enables individual row turn compensation and individual row shutoff.

ExactEmerge requires active pneumatic downforce, however most growers are opting for the ultimate in row responsiveness and the greater downforce range with Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce (IRHD).

Technology in Base 

Hardware and harnessing to enable the following included in base:

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Comparing seed accuracy: ExactEmerge™ BrushBelt™ vs. SpeedTube™

Recent tests show ExactEmerge Brushbelt delivers greater seed accuracy than Precision Planting SpeedTube without bouncing and rolling, resulting in higher seed emergence and yield potential.

Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce

John Deere planter performance doesn’t get any smoother than when equipped with the new Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce. It will adjust five times per second to make adjustments of 100 pounds in less than a second … you’ll get the depth you need, as well as avoiding sidewall compaction as you transition from one soil zone to another.


John Deere Connect Mobile

With John Deere Connect Mobile, you can use your Apple iPad to monitor, adjust and learn from the performance of your planter—row by row. Connect Mobile lets you easily document and visualize the agronomic and performance data of your John Deere equipment.

Connect Mobile

Mobile Row Unit Run Off

Mobile Row Unit Run Off lets you determine the optimal meter settings from your mobile device for each variety you plant before going to the field. Plus, it lets you quickly troubleshoot and resolve any planter row unit performance issues. By doing so, it reduces valuable time and acreage spent troubleshooting that could take trips to and from the cab to adjust.

Mobile Row Unit Run Off

Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce

Learn about the Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce (IRHD) system for the MaxEmerge(TM) 5e and ExactEmerge(TM) row unit equipped planters from John Deere.

How To Use Mobile Row Unit Run Off

Learn how to efficiently perform your pre-season planter setup as well as troubleshooting in the field with Mobile Row Unit Run Off with PlanterPlus App.