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Prepaid Amount

Account Bonus

$3,000 - $7,499

2% Bonus

$7,500 - $14,999

3% Bonus

$15,000 - $24,999

4% Bonus

$25,000 - $49,999

5% Bonus


6% Bonus

*Investment Period: Dec. 1, 2019 - Jan. 8, 2020

» Instant return on investment—bonus applied directly to account

» Valid on parts & service purchases at any Alliance Tractor location

» Stackable with parts discounts, service specials, and programs

Loyalty ProgramIt Pays to be Loyal

The Alliance Tractor Loyalty Program* rewards customers by providing bonuses for qualifying account pre-payments. It's simple. The more you invest, the greater the bonus!

Make a pre-payment of $3,000-$7,499 and we'll add a 2 percent bonus to your in-house account. Investments of $7,500-$14,999 receive 3 percent. $15,000-$24,999 gets you a 4 percent bonus, while investments of $25,000-$49,999 receive 5 percent. Get a 6 percent bonus added to your account when you invest $50,000 or more during the promotional period: 12/01/2019-01/08/2020.

Combine this program with our other great offers to keep your operation running strong—all while keeping you on the right side of your accounting ledger!


*The advertised Loyalty Program is specific to Alliance Tractor, LLC and is not affiliated with Deere & Co. Details of the program are subject to change at any time, without notice. Bonus is applied to your Alliance Tractor in-house account as a fixed percentage based on the total amount invested. Pre-payment must be made by cash or check during the promotional period: 12/1/2019 - 01/8/2020. Prepayment may not be used toward whole goods (serial-numbered equipment) purchases or Integrated Solutions packages. Invoice/account settlement payments do not qualify for the Loyalty Program or advertised bonuses. Additional restrictions may apply. Please see store for details.

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